Welcome to The Only Nutrition Course You’ll Ever Need To Look Great Naked.

A comprehensive self study nutrition course to help you understand and implement just what it takes to look good, feel great and Live Better and here are some reasons it’s definitely for you:

  • You’ve tried to lose weight many times in the past but you’ve never, ever managed to keep it off and this annoys you terribly

  • You’ve gone on crash diet after crash diet and every time you finish you feel and look worse than before

  • You’d love it if the world of nutrition and fat loss was simplified in an educational course delivered in an entertaining way by two fantastic health and lifestyle coaches called Chris and Sharif that guarantee results

  • You’re genuinely up for losing that unwanted body fat, learning how to better your body and your mindset to improve your life and the lives of those around you

  • You’re fed up with all the contradicting information out there and you want a one stop shop to finally understand and implement just what it takes to look great naked

  • Giving up booze, cutting out potatoes and not eating your favourite foods on a Saturday night simply isn’t an option for you on this fat loss journey

  • The price of £69 appeals to you massively and you know deep down it will be a great investment in your physique and future health and a much better use of your money than yet another night on the beers down ‘The Old Pig and Whistle’

  • You’re a very good person who makes very good decisions and purchasing this course is further proof of that fact

So what's actually involved?

A lot of very good things…

Though a combination of video tutorials, detailed audio slides and downloadable PDF’s, we’ve created a nutrition course that not only promises fantastic results at the end of it, but one that also equips you with the knowledge and skill set to maintain your results moving forward.

With a focus on real-world application and long term, sustainable success, we cover a whole range of topics including:

  • How to adopt the right mindset to guarantee you finally achieve your fat loss goals

  • Nailing what actually matters and ignoring what doesn’t

  • Understanding nutrition, including calories and macro/micro nutrients

  • How to set up your own fat loss nutrition plan without relying on generic ’meal plans’

  • Simple ways to work everything into your existing lifestyle without any hassle

  • Managing and fitting in alcohol, travel, busy schedules and social occasions

  • Sustainability and long term, naked success

  • … and much, much more.

All of the knowledge and content shared in this course comes from many years of results based coaching and we’ve left no stone unturned to ensure that when you complete it, you have a much better understanding of what will actually work for you and just how to implement it on a day to day basis. 

Now is the time for you to finally get to grips with your nutrition and fat loss goals and we’re very much looking forward to being your coaches.

The leaner, healthier and more confident you is just one click away.

Let’s do this. 

- Chris and Sharif

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Course introduction
    • Course introduction
  • 2
    Mindset for success
    • Welcome to Module 1
    • 1.1 - Your reason why
    • 1.2 - Visualising your success
    • 1.3 - Things that actually matter
    • 1.4 - Consistency over perfection
    • Module 1 summary
  • 3
    Understanding nutrition
    • Welcome to Module 2
    • 2.1 - Calories
    • 2.2 - Introduction to macros
    • 2.3 - Macros explained
    • 2.4 - Timing and lifestyle factors
    • Module 2 summary
  • 4
    Setting up your plan
    • Welcome to Module 3
    • 3.1 - Designing your personal plan
    • 3.2 - Meal plan template
    • Module 3 summary
  • 5
    Sustainability and lifestyle
    • Welcome to Module 4
    • 4.1 - Measuring progress
    • 4.1.2 - Dealing with plateaus
    • 4.2 - Eating on the road
    • 4.3 - Dining out and social occasions
    • 4.4 - Alcohol
    • Module 4 summary
  • 6
    Course conclusion
    • Course conclusion

The Only Nutrition Course You'll Ever Need To Look Great Naked

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